DVD-RW Maxell 4.7GB (Original) (1 x 10)

DVD-RW Maxell 4.7GB (Original) (1 x 10)


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Description and Highlights :

  • Maxell Master Quality DVD-RW Re-writable 4.7gb DVD
  • Maxell’s DVD+RW Discs offer a high capacity of 4.7GB or 120 minutes of video and are compatible with writers up to 16x. Maxell’s DVD+RW Discs are ideal for capacity intensive multimedia projects, data transfer, archival storage and home video recording. Maxell’s DVD+R Discs are write once format and can be read on any DVD drive or player.
  • Write once recording format, capture and archive high capacity files
  • Perfect for home video recording, transferring home movies, storing digital pictures, etc.
  • Superior archival life makes DVD the ultimate format for storing valuable data
  • Playback on any DVD drive or player
  • Supports write speeds up to 16x
  • DVD+RW is playback compatible on virtually any DVD computer drive or A/V component