RF500 Mini Touch Pad Wireless Air Mouse

RF500 Mini Touch Pad Wireless Air Mouse


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UKB-500-RF is a powerful wireless handheld keyboard with a touchpad mouse. You can hook this small, portable device up to your HTPC, mini PC, TV Box, XBOX, PC or other device, so you can work and play from the comfort of your couch or favorite lazy spot. This powerful device has a full QWERTY keyboard (92 keys), support multimedia and gaming controls, and a touchpad mouse for easy, sensitive screen navigation and all without wires.

Built-in 2.4G wireless receiver
Model: UKB-500-RF
Key Number: 92 keys (74 standard keys +18 media keys)
DPI Adjustable Transmit Power +5 dB
Operating Voltage: 3.3 V
Operating Current: <50 mA
Charging Voltage: 4.2 V 5.05 V
Charging Current: <300 mA
Sleep Current: <1 mA
Working Distance: 15 m
Battery: 810 mA lithium battery